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DigitalCoCo is a social media analytics and digital agency that merges content, audience and creative strategy to build powerful digital brands. Founded in 2010 and led by restaurant industry guru and social media maven Paul Barron, DigitalCoCo targets restaurant insiders and consumers through various platforms, including WebTV shows and documentaries, conference events, reports, and other social and mobile solutions. The agency is also well-known for its proprietary Restaurant Social Media Index (RSMI).


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Social Analytics for the restaurant industry

DigitalCoCo’s Restaurant Social Media Index (RSMI) has become the go-to source for social consumer and brand intelligence in the restaurant & hospitality industry. Want to know how your social media presence stacks up against other restaurant & hospitality brands? Powered by third-party tracking systems such as Klout, along with proprietary systems like DigitalCoCo’s Social Insights, the RSMI measures your social influence each quarter, including a location-based action component, which allows us to measure your brand’s Social ROI, from granular to global levels.


Foodable WebTV Network is the premier insider show network for those in the restaurant and hospitality business. Our episodes focus on what makes hospitality business work from the inside out. As the leading producer of Social TV we reach more than 860,000 social connections that target operators, foodies, chefs, suppliers and consumers that thrive on learning more about the growing restaurant and hospitality industry.

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