The Future of Business Analytics Is Here!

DigitalCoCo is more than a business analytics company serving the restaurant, hospitality and retail industries. We provide deep-diving consumer analytics, comprehensive location traffic data and competitive business intelligence to set brands across the world, big and small, apart from the rest.

Our ability to analyze the data of over 330 million global foodservice consumers and 38 million foodservice professionals for over 100,000 foodservice brands is all powered through the Restaurant Social Media Index, the industry's leading insights platform and data engine. Don't wait — see what you can discover today.


DigitalCoCo Social Insights Is Now Available for Custom Licensing

Social Insights is our proprietary data engine, designed to provide consumer and industry trends based on keyword analysis and brand-level data. With Social Insights, your internal data team will have a clearer understanding on where your brand is going, allowing you to build your own roadmap and data model.

If you are seeking insights that are compiled to match your business needs on brand sentiment, engagement, influence, restaurant visits and cross-competitive analysis, then visit our premium partner, Foodable Labs.